Monday, July 25, 2005

7/23/05 Hill WOD Results

L toR: Anthony Gajowski, Mike McMahon, Karen Groene-Ojeda, Dave Ojeda, Ryan Atkins, Neill Occhiogrosso, Andrew Trueblood

Thanks everyone for showing up! Especially my wife Karen!! It was a great time and everyone got some on that hill that day!

Andrew put up the best time 8:16 with Neill right behind him at 8:37. Ryan posted a slower time 9:40 but used the 1.5 pood instead of the 1.0 pood for the swings and used a 100lb sandbag instead of the 50lb for the hill climb and thrusters. The funniest thing was seeing Ryan put up the sandbag and watching the rock from the sandbag fly out like popcoorn from a popper.

You can see more pics at CrossFit Racine, thanks Ryan for putting up all the pics

We met at the Schiller Forest Preserve at the hill. I came up with the idea of using four different approaches up the hill for our workout. For each approach, we had a new toy to play with and usually ended up using that same implement for an exercise once we reached the top (Michael’s idea). It was fun collaborating with everyone to come up with the workout, another chipper:
Here is the workout we did:

1st trip Sled drag (75# for most, long gentle incline) 20 burpees
2nd trip Farmer’s walk with a pair of 1.5 pood kettlebells 30 kettlebell swings (1 pood for most)
3rd trip Medicine ball tosses (12 or 20#, the hill was steep enough so the ball rolled back as you ran up towards it) 20 reps med ball toss sit-ups
4th trip 50# sandbag carry 20 thrusters with the sandbag

Times ranged from the low 8s to around 17 minutes.
After the workout, we had fun throwing a tornado ball for distance, as well as a 20# dynamax. We also played around with handstands.

We had some spectators come out to just see what this was all about. Anyone interested can always stop by to say hi and take a look. Next month's will be a Gymnastic WOD so stay tuned for more info.


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