Thursday, December 08, 2005

10/29/05 Hill WOD II Results

Thanks everyone for coming out to participate in the Hill WOD. Special thanks to Ryan of Crossfit Racine and Sue of CrossFit Rockford for supporting this event. We had a good showing for the WOD which was a partner chipper as follows: 1. 2 person wheel barrel walk up the hill(alternate as needed) 2. 40 KB swings total (jumps over box for partner not doing swings) 3. Forward roll/long jump sequence down the hill 4. Partner med ball forward throw for 100 yards 5. 2 man pushups (40 total) 6. med ball carry 100 yards back to hill 7. bear crawl uphill 8. burpees 40 team total The times ranged from mid 8 minutes to mid 10 minutes. With winter approaching I am looking for indoor places for next months workout. I will keep everyone informed


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