Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Congrats Larry and CrossFit Chicago Update

Congratulations to Chicago Crossfitter Larry Lindenman on completing his CrossFit certification at CrossFit HQ in Santa Cruz on 2/12/06. He has supported the CrossFit community with his time and expertise over the years. We are lucky to have Larry in our local CrossFit family.

What is going on with CrossFit Chicago?? When is the next workout?

I wanted to update everyone on CrossFit Chicago. Currently we are moving from monthly group workouts to weekly group workouts. To accomplish this we are in the process of searching for a suitable location for group workouts as well as soliciting suggestions as to locations, times, frequencies and experience level. I have sent out questionnaires to our mailing list and really appreciate everyone who has taken the time to reply. If you would like to voice your opinion, please send an email to dave@crossfitchicago.com and I will send you a questionnaire (very short only 7 questions).

Our next group workout will be in March, we are focusing all our efforts currently on locating a facility during the month of February.


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