Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Front Squats for the group class

Tuesday 6/20/06 CrossFit Chicago Group Class

The group last night did a great job working the front squat! The CrossFit Chicago group classes has roughly the same format as the Elements class (warm-up, exercise discusion & WOD) with more time devoted to the WOD. Last night we talked about the front squat and worked form. Coming up we will be introducing ring work, gymnastics and more Olympic lifting as well.

Group participation requires completion of CrossFit Elements I (3 week course, one day seminar or equivalent private coaching). The next class starts Tuesday 8/8/06. Contact me for more information.

The WOD was as follows:

For time 4 rounds of

400 m run
3 Front Squat
5 Sit-ups
3 Pull-ups


10:18 Dominick
10:48 Pat
13:21 Yury


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